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Evaluating Campaigns Focused on Child Criminal and Sexual Exploitation in Greater Manchester

Child exploitation comes in many forms and has evolved over recent years to include various forms of abuse. Child criminal and sexual exploitation have devastating impacts on the lives of victims and their families and are considered both a policing and a public health priority. One such form of abuse is ‘County lines’. This is a term used to describe the activity of gangs and criminal networks to coordinate the movement of drugs from urban cities to rural, coastal and smaller towns in the UK by using children to transport those drugs.

Qualitatively evaluate two current Greater Manchester child exploitation campaigns, one focused on criminal exploitation and one focused on sexual exploitation.
Explore if these campaigns can be combined under one brand.
Test campaign creative routes.
Co-create key elements of a new campaign with young people.

I planned and facilitated focus group discussions with three groups of young people including children convicted of serious violent crimes and murder. I also developed a one-to-one interview guide for ‘complex safeguarding’ staff to conduct interviews with individuals who were considered too volatile to take part in group settings.

Results are currently unavailable.

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