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About Me

What I do

As a Consumer Psychologist and Researcher, I specialise in using behavioural insights to develop strategies that encourage positive behaviour change.

I use behaviour change theory to develop interventions that encourage people to improve their health, wellbeing and happiness.


When people live busy lives, most of their behaviours become automatic. This automaticity is further compounded by the demands of modern life. Under these circumstances, it is all too easy for people to make less than ideal decisions in life. Behaviour change encourages people to make better decisions in life by addressing the barriers that stand in their way.

What Is Behaviour Change?

Behaviour change is an umbrella term used to describe an approach to solving societal or individual problems that people face. This approach is typically divided into multiple stages. Phase one starts with desk research to identify and define a particular problem. Phase two uses primary research to identify the barriers that people face and what would motivate them to change their behaviour. Phase three uses the insight collected in the previous stages to create an intervention, this could be a campaign, strategy or piece of legislation. Interventions are more successful if they are cocreated by members of the target audience. The final phase evaluates the effectiveness of the behaviour change intervention. This stage should also identify the strengths and weaknesses of the intervention, to inform the development of future interventions.

Areas I've Worked In 

  • Physical activity 

  • Healthy weight 

  • Smoking cessation 

  • Violence against women and girls 

  • Gender-based violence 

  • Child criminal exploitation 

  • Child sexual exploitation 

  • Sexual health

  • Suicide prevention 

  • Sustainable product packaging

  • Air pollution & air quality  

  • Vaccine hesitancy

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